Shkrimi i vitit 1606: Elokuenca, sekreti i suksesit të Gjergj Kastriotit në fushën e betejës

From Aurenc baby, France

In the book “Maximes d’estat militaires et Politiques” Giovanni Botero (1544 – 1617) – translated into French by Pierre de Deimier (1580 – 1618) and published in 1606 in Paris by the publishing house “Toussaincts du Bray” – find a chapter written in “Des Capitaines excellens à faire that Rendre obeïssance”, more precisely on No. 33, which deals with Skanderbeg.

 The following excerpt, brought to slip from Aurenc baby – blog “Dars (Klos), Matt – Albania” – deals with military eloquence of the most prominent leaders, among which mention the national hero:

Burimi: / National Library of France

“… eloquence () military eloquence once served to be an instant convincing, and by virtue of this, it shows Suetone (Caius Suetonius Tranquillus, 70 mb.K. – mb.K. 122), Caesar (Caius Iulius Caesar, 100 BC – 44p.K.) has equaled or surpassed all who were before him.

For this, Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC – 43 BC) writes that although this great warrior was as good as Lelio (Caius Laelius Sapiens, 188 BC – 125 BC), and although a man has difficulty hear that another is excellent at more things than he, having received military praise, he attributed Lelios of eloquence trophy.

Of being eloquent ability has been very useful among the modern captains, which thankfully has served  Gjergj Skanderbeg , from which we learn from history, that when he came armed in the battlefield, his eyes gorgeous sparkled with joy, his crisp speech, encouraging and fighter gave his heart to his soldiers so that it is concerned not only resourceful and courageous, but also furious contemptuous of the risks, even of death itself. ”

* Source:  Blog © Dars (Klos), Matt – Albania